//Zipper Compression Socks

Zipper Compression Socks


  • 15-20 mmHg Grade Compression-offers to decrease leg fatigue,aching feet,and swollen ankles(prevention and rehabilitation not medical),extremely helpful and comfortable to anybody for daily wear.
  • High Quality Zipper – Each pair of the socks include strong high quality built-in zipper to secure your comfort.You are likely to move all the day though stay in one place.
  • Breathable & Durable – Made with high quality fabric to provide strong durable.it helps to promote air circulation and improve wearing experience.
  • Relief & Recovery – Relief from moderate to severe varicose veins and swelling, edema, lymphedema, venous insufficiency, superficial thrombophlebitis, helps to reduce muscle soreness and recover you sore legs fastly.
  • Choose the zipper compression socks according to your calf beside the original size;please look over the discribtion and pictures of each size.The zipper socks are not the same as the others, the material is improved, the size is also in accordance with the requirements of Aitter’s design and production.Only by the store name “Leader V & V” sale, other shops are inferior counterfeit products.
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Over 100 Pairs

  • Include Free Imprinting: No

Over 1000 Pairs

  • Include Free Imprinting: No

Over 10000 Pairs

  • Include Free Imprinting: Yes

Size Imformation:

Ankle Circumference: 5-9″
Calf Circumference: 9-12″
Length of stocking laying flat: 12.1″

Ankle Circumference: 6-10″
Calf Circumference: 11-14.5″
Length of stocking laying flat: 13.3″

Ankle Cir: 7-12.5″
Calf Cir: 14-17.5″
Length of stocking laying flat: 14.5″

Ankle Cir: 8-14″
Calf Cir: 17.5-20.5″
Length of stocking laying flat: 15.7″

The soft and comfortable design fits every size foot.

High quality fabrics, 75% nylon 25% spandex,anti- static,cleaning and deodorizing
Enhance blood circulation,Reduce swelling ,Relieve symptoms of varicose veins
Breathable & Durable – Made with high quality fabric to provide strong durable use.
helps promotes air circulation to improve performance.
Design makes support stockings perfect for long trips
Soft and comfortable.

Who need the compression socks?
1.long time seating, standing person: nurse, maternity, pregnancy
2.flight,travel offen
3.low-grade varicose veins for deepen Function: increase blood circulation and relief varicose veins

Kindly reminder:
1.if they weren’t tight they wouldn’t be doing their compression job.Sometimes need 2 people to zip up the socks, if you mind that, pls don’t buy it.
2.as it is made by machine, If have some smell, pls wash it before wearing.
Material: chinlon and nylon Zipper Compression Socks help increase circulation and reduce swelling!
And they’re so easy to put on and take off… no more struggling!

These soft and comfortable Socks offer compression and support and feature a no-pinch zipper for easy on and off.
The toe-less design accommodates large shoe sizes and provides quick access for medical examinations. Knee length, made from nylon and spandex.


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