//Scholl Gel Activ Insole

Scholl Gel Activ Insole


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  • Insoles gel for daily use.
  • To ease the daily pressures on the foot.
  • For footwear 42-48.
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Scholl GelActiv Everyday Solothurn Man (42-48) The slab GelActiv use diary Scholl effectively absorbs shocks and helps to reduce excessive pressure while you walk or turn everyday activities thanks to its double gel. The Gelactiv technology provides excellent shock absorption performance and the impact cushioning. The insert in an integrated gel insole board is ergonomically designed. Gelactiv is effective in absorbing micro bumps and helps to reduce excessive pressure from activities such as walking or running. Instructions for Use: If you need to cut to adjust the fit. Cut along the dotted lines that match your shoe size, or use one as your sole guide. For best results, remove your old base and replace it with Scholl GelActiv with the side gel DOWN. Replace it when it shows signs of wear


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