//Professional 2-Stage Sharpening System

Professional 2-Stage Sharpening System


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  • PROFESSIONAL RAZOR SHARP KNIVES IN SECONDS: The perfect choice, your two-stage knife sharpening system will transform your dull or blunt knives into clean cutting blades. The first coarse stage will quickly sharpen your knife, and the second fine stage will finish and polish it.
  • PREVENT CUTTING YOURSELF: The user-friendly handle of your knife sharpening tool ensures your hand is kept a safe distance during the sharpening of your knives. A non-slip base gives you maximum stability. Your home kitchen knife sharpener in place whilst in use.
  • REJUVENATE DULL BLADES: No more will you have to waste your money on new knives. With this professional knife sharpener you can restore dull and blunt blades so they feel like new.
  • EASY TO USE & DURABLE: Simply pull your knife backwards through your sharpener and witness the transformation. Made with tungsten steel, it’s durable and will stand up to constant use in the most demanding kitchen, making this the chef’s natural choice.
  • YOU TAKE ZERO RISK: We’re so confident you’re going to love how razor sharp your knives will be that we’re offering you a 30 days money-back guarantee.
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Transform Your Old Dull and Blunt Kitchen Knives into BRAND NEW Razor Sharp Clean Cutting Blades with the RKITCHEN 2-Stage Knife Sharpener

A dull knife is a dangerous knife! Requiring more pressure to cut, dull knives will cause more damage if you slip, resulting in a deeper wound. Dull blades will rip rather than cut your skin. This makes your cut harder to heal and increases your chance of infection!

Keep Your Knives Safe & Sharp

Your RKITCHEN knife sharpener uses a 2 stage sharpening system. The first coarse stage uses preset angles to quickly transforms your knife from dull to professionally sharp. The second smooths and refines your knife’s sharpness.

Prevent Accidental Cuts

The user-friendly handle keeps your hand at a safe distance away from your blade. A rubber base offers maximum stability, minimizing the chance of slipping and cutting yourself.

Lightweight and Easy to Use

Simply place the sharpener on a flat surface gripping the comfortable handle and slide your backwards until you reach your desired

Save Money

Everyone likes extra money. When your purchase this you’ll save that extra money. No longer will you have to spend money on replacing old blunt knives, you can just restore them.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee – We know you’re going to love how razor sharp your knives will become, we’re offering you a 30 DAY hassle-free, no questions asked, money-back guarantee!

Simply go to the top of the page and hit the “ADD TO CART” button to order your BRAND NEW RKITCHEN Professional Knife Sharpener Today!


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