//Motion Sensor Closet Under Lights

Motion Sensor Closet Under Lights


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  • Automatic sensor, off/auto 2 light modes: this light is auto-on within 10Ft, auto-off after 12-18 seconds of no motion detected. It will turn on only when it is Dark and when motion is detected
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Motion sensor night light will auto illuminate when someone gets close to the sensor in enough DARK environment(as it is equipped with a light sensor) If the surrounding environment is too bright, it will not work perfectly. 2. If the light continue detecting motion, it will keep lighting (which seems “never” turn off), it will turn off in 15s after no motion be detected. 3. Pls kindly check the location you install the light, if there is any barrier block the sensing range, the motion sensor function will not work well. 5. Don’t put  motion activated LED night lights too close. The light of one night light may cause the other not light up if they are too close.


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