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  • Polarized blue mirrored lens blocks out harmful UV in daytime sun
  • Amber lens reduces blinding glare at night or increases definition on days with less sunlight
  • Electro Clear lens makes any electronic screen easier to read, indoors or out
  • Powerful magnetic frames hold lenses firmly in place
  • Easily change lenses with a snap
  • No clips or holders, just super strong magnets
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The TVFIRE Magic Vision Glasses is a new concept in the field of vision glasses. The basic purpose of these glasses is to provide adequate assistance to the wearer regardless of the day and night. These glasses actually come with a three in 1 pack that includes the transparent lenses. This lens can be used to protect the eyes of the wearer from any foreign material as dust, dirt or small particles. Users can wear the transparent lens all the time as it doesn’t affect the normal eyesight of the user. Furthermore, the clear lens helps to read text from the several electronic devices as ATM machines, tablets, smartphones and so on.

The TVFIRE Magic Vision Glasses is accompanied by two different lenses as the polarized lens and the Amber lens. We will discuss the benefits of both the lenses in detail. The polarized lenses are the much improved form of the traditional tainted sunglasses. Moreover, these types of sunglasses have gained tremendous amount of appreciation and popularity over other sunglasses because of their distinctive features. When it comes to benefits, then there are countless benefits of the polarized lenses. These glasses are designed for all those individuals who fond of spending much of their time in outdoor activities.


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