//Ionic White Premium Teeth Whitening Kit by TVfire

Ionic White Premium Teeth Whitening Kit by TVfire


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    • DENTAL GRADE PROFESSIONAL TEETH WHITENING KIT – Teeth Whitening Gel MADE IN USA – Fast Acting Teeth Whitener backed by 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!
    • VISIBLY WHITER TEETH IN MINUTES – Home Teeth Whitening Kit Delivers Best Teeth Bleaching Results – SAVES TIME AND MONEY
    • CUSTOM FIT TEETH WHITENING TRAYS Allow Teeth Whitening Gel to Whiten Teeth Quickly – Simply The Best Teeth Whitening Kit Available on Prime for At Home Teeth Whitening or At Home Teeth Beaching
    • Teeth Bleaching Kit REMOVES DARK STAINS In Just ONE TREATMENT – Resulting In the Best Teeth Whitening Available at Home – Maximum Strength Teeth Whitener
    • POWERFUL TEETH WHITENING LIGHT Activates Teeth Whitening Gel For Best Teeth Bleaching Results – If you have wondered how to whiten teeth without going to the dentist, this home teeth bleaching kit will give you PROFESSIONAL RESULTS at a fraction of the price. This do it yourself teeth whitening kit offers an EXCEPTIONAL VALUE, and is an excellent option for an inexpensive tooth whitener. effective way to get the white smile you deserve. Professional Grade Teeth Whitening System.

1000000 in stock (can be backordered)

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Ionic White is a revolutionary ionic teeth whitening kit that delivers PROFESSIONAL TEETH WHITENING RESULTS at home.

*Visibly Whiter Teeth in Minutes

*Custom Fit Teeth Whitening Trays

*Powerful Teeth Whitening Light

*Dental Grade Teeth Whitening Gel Made in USA

*100% Money Back Guarantee

The Ionic White at home teeth whitening kit uses a new ionic teeth whitening technology to deliver visible whiter teeth in just minutes.Customized thermo forming teeth bleaching trays and a blue teeth bleaching light work with the ionic teeth bleaching gel to provide professional teeth bleaching results by treating all of your teeth simultaneously. It is a quality teeth whitener at a premium value.

The Ionic White teeth whitening kit safely and comfortably breaks down and removes the deepest stains inside your teeth, to deliver a white and bright smile in minutes. This home teeth whitening kit is ideal for do it yourself teeth whitening.

Dental grade teeth whitening gel is made in the USA, and is the best quality teeth whitening kit available. If you have wondered how to whiten teeth, look no further. This is the best prime teeth whitening kit. It is an at home teeth bleaching kit that gives you the results of a professional teeth bleaching kit.

To obtain a brighter smile start by custom forming the teeth whitening trays to your teeth. Custom fit teeth whitening trays will allow for maximum teeth whitening by allowing the best teeth whitening gel available to penetrate each tooth. EASY TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS makes whitening your teeth fast end simple. The Ionic White at home teeth whitening kit will give you visibly whiter teeth after one teeth whitening session.

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