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NutriBullet: The best solution to my breakfast problem

In a nutshell, the NutriBullet is like a blender. However, unlike regular blenders, its unique nutrition extractors break down the cell walls of fibrous plant foods, releasing important vitamins and minerals contained within fruits and vegetables.

Translation: Delicious Smoothies and Juices with ADDED nutritional benefits!!! It allows you to receive the highest level of nutrition your food has to offer.

But if the nutritional benefits haven’t already got you on-side, wait until you see it in action. I’m telling you, do not let its sleek and compact design fool you –  it’s seriously powerful.

My biggest bugbear with my previous blender was that it just couldn’t churn through the ingredients. I freeze fruit for smoothies and don’t like adding too much liquid because I want to achieve a thick consistency, but more often that not, the average blender just will not have the horse power to get through the mixture.

But then the NutriBullet entered my life. Here are five reasons why you need one to enter yours:

It’s quick

You literally only need to blend your ingredients for a few seconds, and then voila; you have yourself a smooth-as-silk smoothie.

It’s easy to clean

There are only two components you need to wash – the cup and the extractor blade. More often than not, they simply need a quick rinse with hot water.

You can take it on the go

The NutriBullet comes with different-sized cups that connect to the blender. You simply add ingredients, connect, blend, remove and you have your smoothie in your cup ready to go. The cups even come with lids and handles.

It helps you get MORE out of your food

The Nutrition Extractors allows you to receive the highest level of nutrition your food has to offer.

It’s got multiple functions

In addition to juices and smoothies you can also make soups, and its milling blade gives you the capability to mill grains, grind fresh herbs and chop nuts.


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