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Strongest Expandable Hose with Solid Brass Connector


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  • Strongest Expandable Garden Hose with Valve, Premium Quality: The solid brass fittings will not break, crack, leak or corrode for strongest durability, which can withstand high and low temperature(-5℃/98℃)
  • Flexibility and Easy storage: The hose can expand up to 3 times of its original length. It also can retract down to its original shape for easy storage.Very lightweight and come with a storage bag so you can take it anywhere. Built-in shut-off brass valve saves you endless trips to the faucet. ON/OFF valve located on the end for convenient use
  • 50 Feet Extra-Long and Solid 3/4″ brass connectors —- A Perfect Length to Do Outdoor Work. Solid 3/4″ brass connectors and inner rubber washer, no more leaks or cracks
  • Durability: Double layer 100% natural latex core, Features extremely durable latex core and tough outer weave that made. High water pressure resistance up to 9 Bar/130 PSI/900 kPa
  • Compatibility, Longer Lifespan: Suitable for most spray nozzle attachments. This hose makes water your garden, wash your dog or clean your outdoor windows much easier. 45 Days Money-Back and 12 Months Warranty


A hose is a must-have to do outdoor work easily. You may have been tired of the traditional inferior plastic hose and want to get a stronger one for long lifespan. We upgraded our hose to highest quality for best user experience.

Hose Expandability
17 feet long, expands up to 50 feet with water pressure
Please Note: The length of hose varies with water pressure, expands up to 50 feet with about 0.6mpa of water pressure.

The hose is capable of expanding to 3 times of its length with water and it can contract to its original shape when you turn the water off so you can store it away easily.

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12-Month Worry-Free Warranty and Free Life-time Technical Support
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Length: 50 Feet
Diameter of theInner Hose: 6*9.5±0.2mm
Optimum Working Temperature: 5℃-45℃
Lowest Working Temperature: -5℃
Highest Working Temperature: 45℃
Water Pressure:0.4-0.6pa
Max Water Pressure: 1.2-1.5pa

Package Included:
1 * 50ft Expandable Hose

Tips of Water Leakage (including hose wall, joint and valve)
1, Hose wall leakage: The latex core was punctured by sharp object, which caused the water leakage. Do not pull or drag the hose on rough ground in case the sharp sands getting into and puncturing the hose.
2. Joint Leakage: The length of the faucet outlet differentiates, which may cause water leakage. To avoid leakage, please add one or several rubber washers into the connector.
3. Valve Leakage: It would cause leakage if there was no rubber washer, the valve was not screwed tight or the rubber washer was not fixed well.


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