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Rechargeable Electric Triangle Cordless Sweeper


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  • 1) Operated by a rechargeable 7.2V DC Ni-MH (nickel-metal hydride) battery
    2) Charge: One 7.5V DC 200m A output charge included
    3) Motorized brush-roll system
    4) High performance cleaning
    5) Environmental friendly (no exhaust odors or airborne dust particles)
    6) Easily cleans bare floors and carpets
    7) Instantly available without cables or hoses
    8) Powerful rotating cleaning brushes pick up dirt and messes from four sides of the sweeper head with a 360 it provides excellent maneuverability and access to difficult to reach areas
    9) It has an extended pole, is super lightweight
    10) Handy sweeper included


  • The rechargeable battery makes this unit portable and you can clean everywhere with ease. The battery charging circuit can be used, need not bear the additional cost to purchase a battery. Bumpers along the sides protect your walls and the unit has a rotating corner brush to  help you to complete the task easy cleaning.


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